Saturday, 28 February 2009


I took this picture of the scales this morning as I am proud of what it reads. I've been loosing weight successfully since November 08 where I started at 12st 6lbs. I don't think I'm doing too badly. I tend to be a bit nervous of blogging about this because it is a generally over used and boring subject and I don't like blowing my own trumpet either. 10st 12lbs might still seem a lot to some people but I am quite tall. I hope to be happy with my weight this summer then I can start talking about something more interesting.

Pick. pic.

Yesterday I went out after work and got incredibly drunk. I'm only just starting to feel better 20 hrs later and that is why I did not manage to upload a pic yesterday but I did take this yesterday in the pub. There will be a better picture later I'm sure.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Rabbit feet

I'm glad that it is nearly the end of Feb, as I find it quite depressing and I find myself longing for summer, I don't usually but maybe it's because we did not have much sunshine last year.  Somedays I get so cold and tired that it seems the only way I can get warm is to have a bath which almost always has Arnold sat between the taps looking at my feet. I enjoy the company.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bottle garden

A year ago today we moved into our rented house, this is not a picture of my house but it is a house that is very similar to mine a few streets away. Our house and this one is a Victorian terraced house that was built about 100 years ago but I'm unsure of exactly when. There seems to be a handful of houses around my area that have a display in their window that seems to be for the benefit for the people who walk past rather than the residents, sometimes its tiny tea sets and plates or figurines, dolls etc but I have never seen one as pretty as this. My mum told me that during the war people used to hang their curtains with the pattern showing outside, to show that they could afford nice things, maybe this is a similar mindset, or maybe it is for the purpose of making people smile, like it does me.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Daily reflection

I spend a lot of my time using Ben's MacBook and I really appreciate it as I would have to do alot of saving to get one of my own, and due to the time I spend using Macs I don't think I would ever buy a PC. Thats about as much as I will say on the subject.
So with reference to yesterdays image, I tried to give Bailey her evening tablet, and she spat it out at least 6 times, each time you think she has eaten it until you find a increasingly mushy, pink splodge which you have to scrape off the floor/ table/ fur and you end up with the attitude of "that partly digested medicinal puddle will be eaten if it's the last thing I do as it cost me £1!!!!!" and then you have to do it again 12hrs later. Fun and games. 

Monday, 23 February 2009

Bokeh Bailey

This is Bailey, she is a Persian Ragdoll cross. At the moment she has a skin condition called Miliary Dematitis. we are trying to work out what causes it and the vets are guessing a food allergy but we are still unsure. After todays vet visit, this is the second lot of antibiotics that she has been put on, and already she doesn't look too pleased but then again, neither am I as It's not cheap, but It's worth it if she gets better.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

There and back again

We have been away this weekend so thats why I've put up two images today, the previous one was taken yesterday, just uploaded late.
Ben seems to be able to sleep anywhere, I struggle more, especially on trains because I can't stop looking out he window, and if I close my eyes I'm worried I'll miss something. This weekend photos have all been taken on my DSLR, thats why they are actually in focus, unlike the previous weeks ones, I was using a smaller camera for convenience, but I think as I like this weekends photos so much, compared to the others, I may start lugging around my kit. 
P.S. if you think this chap is handsome, you can see more of his face and other attractive features here.

This balloon couldn't escape if it wanted to.

Ben and I went on an adventure this weekend which took us through Waterloo, I like old stations in London like this one and Victoria although I'm not keen on the amount of people, mainly because they all seem to wonder around unaware of their surroundings which is ridiculously frustrating also I'm not keen on the lack of good, cheap and heathy food either.
Moan over.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Onwards and upwards

My team and I had the best performance in Jan so we were treated to a meal in GBK. It was very nice but it took a while to get home, as iI was setting of for the walk home I passed this sign just outside the train station and I was struck by its attractiveness, i know some people may see it as just a road sign but I found it lovely, so I snapped it.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Brim full of Bill in the 45

I'm reading a book called 45 and it is by Bill Drummond. He is many things including an artist and he was in the KLF, I've read this book before except for the last chapter as I was enjoying reading it so much i didn't want it to finish so I put off reading the last chapter and did not come back to it until last week. a couple of years ago I had the pleasure to meet bill and perform some art with him, i was one of the 17 choir, read about it here

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wooden act

Ben got a new guitar the other day, this is it. 
Better post tomorrow. promise. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Northampton Bus Station is somewhere that I have been going on an almost daily basis for the past 6 years and weekly before that. I get the bus to work from here every day and get of the bus here too nearly 12 hours later. It is though one of the most repulsive places that I frequent, but I am also sort of fond of it,  I'd like to think thats it's not because i'm used to it but I cannot think of any other possible reason why.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Canteen scene

Blurry photo today, which is a shame, I wish i'd steadied my self. I had to take this photo because of the pots of jelly which were placed in a perfect colour sequence with exact spaces between them, it makes me think that the person who did this today is struggling with something in their life that is out of their control and this is their way of gaining control and having order, if only for a short while. 
In my life everyday I have to consider things when eating food, this image contains things that would not usually choose, for one main reason, which is the food has no labels. This is a problem for me, because not only am I a vegetarian (since i was 6) but I'm also counting calories (since November) the later of which I apologize for mentioning as it is incredibly boring.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Factory setting

Today was a quiet one, Ben and I did go down town though and on my way back we pass this old factory, all the other factories in the area have been renovated into flats but this one seems to have been missed, probably because it's huge and the longer it's left, the more it's gonna cost. The thing is though, I like it this way. When I uploaded this one I almost expected to see a ghostly face in one of the windows.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Brownie time

I struggled today, with finding an image I was happy with, I'm not actually that pleased with this one, or yesterdays, but at the moment I feel that it's more important I get the image up at this stage and hope fully they will get better. I made these brownies today, and they were low fat too. Yum! 

Friday, 13 February 2009

First image

So, i've decided to start doing a daily blog, where I take a photo that some how as a little narrative of my day and also I had the idea that I make sure there is some sort of linear element, even the smallest bit, so that every month I can put the images together and the lines will connect and map out my year. 
I've started today, on the last of the snowy days we have been having, unfortunately this one was not enough to stop me from getting to work.