Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Daily reflection

I spend a lot of my time using Ben's MacBook and I really appreciate it as I would have to do alot of saving to get one of my own, and due to the time I spend using Macs I don't think I would ever buy a PC. Thats about as much as I will say on the subject.
So with reference to yesterdays image, I tried to give Bailey her evening tablet, and she spat it out at least 6 times, each time you think she has eaten it until you find a increasingly mushy, pink splodge which you have to scrape off the floor/ table/ fur and you end up with the attitude of "that partly digested medicinal puddle will be eaten if it's the last thing I do as it cost me £1!!!!!" and then you have to do it again 12hrs later. Fun and games. 

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